discover more about us
discover more about us

About Healthy Living

Our mission

At Sustainable Healthy Living, our mission is to empower individuals to embrace a more sustainable and healthier life through a wealth of knowledge, including online courses, enlightening books, captivating videos, and heartfelt personal experiences, all aimed at fostering a harmonious connection with nature for a happier, healthier future.

We are dedicated to enriching your life through sustainable living, permaculture, and wellness practices, creating a positive, transformative experience.

Prepare to be inspired, cultivate new perspectives, and ignite a lasting passion for sustainable, healthy living. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, promises a journey of discovery, growth, and an enduring commitment to thriving in harmony with nature.

Our vision

We want to live in a world where people can thrive in harmony with nature, where their well-being is intricately connected to the health of the planet. In this world, individuals are empowered to make mindful choices that nurture their physical, mental, and emotional health while respecting the Earth's resources.

Sustainable Healthy Living is not just a lifestyle but a global movement where communities unite to create a sustainable, regenerative future, leaving a legacy of wellness and environmental stewardship for generations to come.

Join Us to be part of this worldwide movement and share the knowledge, ideas and keys to happy living with your family, friends and community.

About Bruce Gibson; founder of Sustainable Healthy Living

  • Visionary Educator in Sustainable Living, Naturopathy, Wellness and Permaculture Principles.

Bruce Gibson ND is an authority and pioneer in wholistic wellness and sustainable living, with an extensive career spanning over four decades. His academic journey began with rigorous studies in Naturopathy, where he earned an ND (Naturopathy Doctor) and a Diploma in Botanic Medicine over 40 years ago. Bruce practised as a Clinical Naturopath, specialising in Nutritional Therapy and Herbal Medicine, gaining a reputation for his expertise and compassionate care.

His passion for healing and wellness extended beyond clinical practice. Bruce went on to develop accredited training programs for Natural Therapists, Remedial Massage Practitioners, and Wholistic Healers. He has taught over 1,000 individuals as a mentor and educator, imparting knowledge on Wellness, Mindfulness, and Healing techniques. His courses are renowned for their depth, blending scientific principles with holistic approaches to foster personal and environmental well-being.

Bruce's journey continues amidst the natural beauty of Crystal Waters Ecovillage in Queensland. Here, amidst the bush landscapes and the rich tapestry of wildlife, his understanding of Permaculture principles and practices continues to evolve. This tranquil and thriving environment is a continual source of inspiration, deepening Bruce's connection with nature and reinforcing his commitment to sustainable healthy living. In this community's dynamic connections and serenity, Bruce draws inspiration for his teachings and writings.

In addition to his educational and clinical accomplishments, Bruce has played a pivotal role in fostering permaculture knowledge at the grassroots level. For the past 11 years, he has been instrumental in organising the annual Permaculture Design Course Intensive Program at Crystal Waters Ecovillage. Working as part of a Team, this course has become a cornerstone event, attracting enthusiasts and learners from diverse backgrounds. His role in promoting this event reflects his deep commitment to spreading permaculture principles and sustainable living practices. These courses have inspired a new generation of permaculture practitioners, contributing significantly to the growing global movement towards ecological regeneration and resilience.

As an enthusiastic writer and thought leader in the realm of wholistic wellness and sustainable living, Bruce is now focusing his extensive knowledge and rich experiences on authoring books and developing comprehensive online courses. His upcoming publications and digital offerings are highly anticipated resources to serve as essential guides for individuals aspiring to reach their fullest potential and cultivate a life in balance with nature. For those seeking to align with higher human potential and live in harmony with the Earth.

Bruce Gibson continues to be a source of guidance and inspiration, leading individuals on a journey to healthier, more sustainable ways of living that are in deep harmony with nature and their inner selves. His innovative approach and unwavering commitment are inspiring for like-minded people worldwide. Through his work, Bruce is not just teaching techniques; he's fostering a movement towards greater ecological awareness and personal well-being. His pioneering spirit and dedication influence a new generation of eco-conscious individuals and holistic health practitioners.

an Australia garden with a lot of plants and trees
an Australia garden with a lot of plants and trees

NEW Ebook featuring Permaculture (PDF download)

"Growing with Nature: Harnessing Permaculture for Sustainable Healthy Living"

The downloadable version is a 340-page PDF. The Version 1 release is provided at a discount this month only. Currently in $AU.

A comprehensive Membership is currently being developed to support readers and expand on the concepts covered here.

This inspiring eBook is the first Book in the Series from Bruce Gibson, ND., delving into the vast potential of Permaculture. It invites readers on an exploratory journey towards cultivating a regenerative and harmonious connection with our Earth.

The newly released PDF Manual is a comprehensive book on Permaculture titled "Growing with Nature: Harnessing Permaculture for Sustainable Healthy Living". The book is an invitation to explore Permaculture, a holistic and sustainable approach to living that aligns closely with natural processes and ecosystems. It is intended to serve as both a theoretical foundation and a practical guide to implementing Permaculture principles and Sustainable Healthy Living in various aspects of life.